If you are having problems

with the age of your pool, like the tiles falling off or looking tired, the choice of waterproofing for your pool is very important. Depending on what you decide to do will have an effect on the look and the colour of your pool. The visual appearance of your pool will enhance the user experience and make it a more rewarding feature of your home.

Mosaics, enamels, stone, or porcelain stoneware tiling can give some superb effects once the water is added to complete the look of your pool. You also need to understand the harsh effects the salt and or chlorine will have on the tiles, you need a robust solution to give you many years of pleasure. The effect you are looking to create is also dependant on the location, shape, and size of your pool.

However, the original build application needs to be taken into account before the repair solution can be agreed upon. Another consideration is grouting. Epoxy grout will cost considerably more than traditional grout but will last a significantly longer period of time. The typical pool will need to be re-tiled every 5 to 8 years depending on the materials used.