Your pump and the heating

is at the heart of your pool, many customers leave starting their pool up far too late and end up with a green pool, a pump that doesn’t work, or a host of other problems. You then run the risk of a boiler breakdown and possibly missing a week of great weather early on in the season if it is an ourdoor pool. We recommend a full check of the pump and heating systems before you start up the pool, to ensure it is all serviced ready to go.

Heating a swimming pool in the most effective manner can depend on where you live, shading, wind chill, and how many months of the year that the pool will be in use. Gas or oil-fired boilers give a higher degree of control but the addition of solar-powered pool heaters, heat pumps, and heat exchangers can bring economic and efficiency benefits to your pool.

Whatever system you choose, it is better to have excess capacity in the system to ensure the best economic use. We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and offer free advice for every aspect of keeping your pool running smoothly.